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We offer a full CGT outsourcing solution, with expert staff that will integrate with your company to provide a cost effective service to rival any in-house team; our biggest client currently being Kleinwort Benson.

Locating, recruiting and retaining skilled Capital Gains Tax (CGT) administrators can be a headache for many companies. Tax specialists are costly and as CGT is a relatively small, specialist function it is not always practical to employ a skilled team to maintain client history. In addition, the time required to train administrators in all aspects of Capital Gains legislation presents a real risk of records being inadequately maintained, or staff that are unable to resolve any of the more complex queries that may arise.

This is where KA Watson Consultancy can assist, we have a team of expert staff with many years combined experience in all areas of Wealth Management and Private Banking administration, and specific expert knowledge of Capital Gains Tax. In addition, our employees have worked for a number of years with the industry’s leading Tax software, CGiX.

Areas of expertise:

  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Query Resolution
  • Manual Computations
  • Legislative Changes
  • Indexation Allowance for Corporate Clients
  • Systems Data Migrations

We offer fully tailored, comprehensive solutions for all your CGT administration needs.  Our services range from a complete outsourcing facility, through to ad-hoc assistance and training for tax queries.   In short, we can be as flexible as you require.

Key features:

  1. Your ‘Off-Site’ CGT Team
  2. CGT Database Hosting
  3. Bespoke and Referral Service
  4. Top up (retainer) service for additional assistance

Outsourcing Services Q & A

What about TUPE as there will be a change of service provision?

KAWC are very aware of the potential implications of TUPE. The legislation is unique for every scenario and would be discussed and treated accordingly, when applicable.

How do we know as a client that the data we share with you is being controlled?

We have policies for all aspects of data protection including Confidentiality, Clear Desks, IT and Security. These have been accepted and are adhered to by all KAWC staff.

What if there is an issue at KAWC’s offices or with transport links?

We have a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that would be put into place in the event of any adverse or unexpected situations.

What about FCA Audit rules, we are governed under those, how would KAWC deal with this should we enter into a contract with them?

KAWC are not authorised by the FCA but we understand that our clients are and therefore we have clear records that would be made available for audit purposes where necessary; obviously only at the request of our client would we make such data available. In addition we have an open door policy for inspection and audit of your specific client data and our internal procedures and will work with you to fulfil all requirements for due diligence.

How will this affect our current business model, what risk is there to our client base?

As CGT specialists, KAWC are purely concerned with offering the best possible tax reporting service. Our services will enhance the provision to your clients with no risk of competition to your core business. Direct communication with your clients will only take place when specifically requested and authorised.