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Reporting Fund Regime

Excess reportable income (ERI) is the amount an offshore fund earns beyond income declared as distributions – whether that be dividends or interest.  This is additional income that can accumulate in your fund throughout the year and is often overlooked but it can be a substantial sum and has implications for CGT and Income.

KAWC offer a service where we retrieve the ERI data for you, including:

  • Confirm status of fund, reporting or non- reporting Off-shore Fund.
  • Obtain ERI data including equalisation, currency, exchange rate, reporting year end and deemed distribution date.
  • Provide weekly status reports to clients.
  • Assist with data input in order to use the information in the most efficient way for both income tax reporting and CGT adjustments.

Should you this be of interest to you, please contact us at reportingfunds@kawatsonconsultancy.co.uk.